There will always be a question, how long can your slurry pump work? The slurry pump working life based on many factors, so its not easy to give a firm date. Bellow are some factors have influence on slurry pump spare parts.

Material ingredient content is certainly an important factor. With non-compliance material, there will be no guarantee of slurry pump life. At Libra we do material test from source to end to keep high product quality.

2.Machining and assembly precision
Machining and assembly also affect the working life of slurry pump. If machining or assembly do not do well, it may cause pump running uneven, especially wet parts may damaged when running at high speed. Our workers all work in the industry for years, with latest procession machine and strict quality control, ensure our slurry pumps and spare parts all in high quality.
(Note: when the customer’s own replacement parts can be installed in strict accordance with the guidance of our instructions, but also to ensure maximum assembly appropriate to extend the life of the pump)

3. Slurry pumps working conditions
Under different working conditions slurry pumps running life certainly are not the same. The main factors are the following
A. Different slurry. The slurry pumps can be working in many conditions. Such as iron ore, gold, river dredge, mud, coal washing plant. Because difference of material hardness, concentration, particle size, temperature, etc. So slurry pumps life is certainly not the same, in general, coal preparation plant slurry pumps are more durable than sand dredge and then iron and gold mine.
B. Effect of concentration. The same slurry pump and same liquid, but with different concentration, the slurry pumps running life will be different, higher concentration shorter running life.
C. Pump head. Higher pump head will need higher pump speed and then lead shorter wet parts life at same liquid and concentration.
D. Slurry pumps maintenance. All the devices require periodic maintenance, conservation is good or bad will affect the life of slurry pump spare parts.