Slurry pumps are widely used in Coal production, such as slime water, recycled water, coal slurry and heavy medium suspensions slurry delivery. It is also working in grade (concentrate) cyclone, heavy medium (aqueous medium) separation cyclone and filter press feed.

Centrifugal slurry pump is one kind of centrifugal pumps, also used centrifugal force produced by the rotation of impeller to increase energy. Slurry pump designed to pump water with solid particles so a bit different compare with common water pumps. So there is a important problem you have to deal with: wet parts wear problem

Slurry pump wet parts wear
The wear is material destruction caused by cumulative damage between the solid particle impacts( friction or abrasive ) the wet parts of the slurry pump. Type of slurry pump wear is generally divided into chipping abrasion (caused by high-intensity impact, sometimes tear off debris), grinding abrasive (wear when the fine powder solids crushed between two surfaces,) and erosion wear (the high-speed or low-speed free movement abrasive, sometimes particles paralleled compact the grinding surface or collision the grinding).

Problems caused by slurry pump wear
1, Lower efficiency. Since the gap between impeller and liner mutual wear, causing the pump volumetric efficiency decreases. This will leading wet parts surface with uneven wear phenomenon. It will seriously affect the work efficiency of centrifugal slurry pump.
2, Maintenance problems. Since the degree of wear slurry growing, overhaul can not guarantee the normal operation of slurry pump, making maintenance work significantly increased and will gradually lengthen.
3, Reducing operational quality. Surface of centrifugal slurry pump wet parts are uneven after wear. It may promote turbulence and cavitation. Asymmetric wear impeller will cause mechanical imbalance. These reasons will make vibration intensified, shorten bearing and mechanical seal life and reduce the quality of operation.