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16/14 Warman Slurry Pump Impeller

By | April 11th, 2017|Categories: Slurry pump impeller|Tags: |

16x14 Warman slurry pump impeller This impeller is made of high chrome Cr27%, suitable for Warman 16/14 slurry pump. Hi Chrome Cr27 (A05) is a wear resistant white iron that offers excellent performance under erosive conditions. The alloy can be effectively used in a wide range of slurry types. The high wear resistance of [...]

6/4D Slurry Pump assembly for client

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Rubber slurry pump

Vertical dewatering sand pump work on site

By | March 24th, 2017|Categories: sand pump|Tags: , |

Vertical dewatering sand pump is a good choice for dewatering work. When use it, no need to worry about the water level.  This kind of pump can work as submersible pump or horizontal pump out of water. So what you have to do its only check the pump working condition and no need to take much [...]

Customer OEM high chrome pump liner

By | March 23rd, 2017|Categories: Slurry pump, slurry pump liner|Tags: |

OEM High chrome Liner High Chrome 27% OEM pump liner for customer, material US standard is ASTM A532 Class III Type A. Client asked to do the hardness to at least HRC60, and we do it to HRC61. Customer OEM High chrome Liner (1) Customer OEM High chrome Liner (2) Customer [...]

Warman slurry pump bearing damage problems

By | March 13th, 2017|Categories: Lime slurry pump, Slurry pump|Tags: , |

Warman slurry pumps are famous in the world. They have been used in most slurry pumping working conditions to deal with the hardest slurry. Warman slurry pumps are very tough in all condition, but it may also face the problem with bearings,Short life. Here bellow we will talk why it happened. Misalignment. Incorrect positioning or placement [...]

Warman pump packing has short life?

By | February 20th, 2017|Categories: Slurry pump, slurry pump packing|Tags: , , |

Warman pumps are the most popular slurry pumps on the market due to excellent wear life almost without reducing efficiency during the wear cycle. And there maybe a little problem for your warman pump when work: short life of packing. This will happened only in expeller seal or gland packing seal as they use packing gland. [...]

Warman Slurry Pump Leakage from stuffing box

By | February 16th, 2017|Categories: Slurry pump, Uncategorized|Tags: , |

Stuffing box is a seal part used in warman slurry pumps, when pump with packing seal. Its a easy seal and cheap than others, but when in daily use, there maybe face a problem, leakage from stuffing box. Before you solve this problem you need to find out what caused this. Here bellow we list some [...]

Why slurry pump loses prime

By | February 14th, 2017|Categories: Slurry pump, slurry pump packing, Slurry pump system|Tags: , |

When you start the slurry pump, you may be face a common problem: slurry pump loses prime.  Here bellow we will talk why this happened. INTAKE SIDE FAULTS Pump or intake pipe not completely filled with liquid. Suction lift too high. Excessive amount of air or gas in liquid. Air pocket in intake line. Air leaks [...]

Why slurry pump system discharge delivery reduced

By | February 6th, 2017|Categories: Lime slurry pump, Lime slurry transport, Slurry pump, Slurry pump impeller|Tags: , , |

When using slurry pumps, you may face a common problem: slurry pump discharge reduced. Before to fix the problem, you need to know what exactly lead this problem for you. Bellow we list some for your reference. INTAKE SIDE Pump or intake pipe not completely filled with liquid. Suction lift too high. Insufficient margin between intake [...]

High Chrome Slurry pump impeller

By | January 23rd, 2017|Categories: Lime slurry pump, Slurry pump impeller, Uncategorized|Tags: , |

High chrome slurry pump impeller made for client in India What is a centrifugal slurry pump impeller An impeller is a rotating component of a centrifugal pump, usually made of iron, steel, bronze, brass, aluminium or plastic, which transfers energy from the motor that drives the pump to the fluid being pumped by accelerating the fluid [...]