700WNQ Underwater Dredging Pump

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700WNQ Underwater Dredging Pump Range of Performance Capacity Q:8000-12500m3/h Head H:16-28m Discharge diameter: 700mm 700WNQ dredging pump is 700mm size horizental Centrifugal Slurry Pump.The structure of the pump is single stage, single suction, and centerline suction. These series Submersible Dredging Pumps adopt single pump casing structure,in order to reduce the pump weight, easy to lift and [...]

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Large Mines Slurry Pump

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Large Mines Slurry Pump We could supply you Large Mines Slurry Pump. Up to 1000mm size discharge size. We can do material in high chrome alloy to get best wear resistance performance for the most hardness working condition. Large Mines Slurry Pump 700mm Large Mines Slurry Pump

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Dredge pump casing in heat treatment process

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Dredge pump is widely used on dredge ship, which used to pump sand from river or sea. Here we got a request to do casting work for one dredge pump casing, bellow is the casing just out from heat treatment process. After the heat treatment process, we can do the casing hardness upto HRC62, Min HRC 58 Just [...]

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Sand dredge pump to client

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Where to find the good sand dredge pump is a problem for most of clients who need really good dredge pump. Here at Libra, we will offer you the solution on the dredge pumps. If you have any needs on it, just send us the requirements and all data you know, our engineer will find out [...]

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