sand pumps for dredging (1)When it comes to river dredging, there will be too large particles to transport continuous for common slurry pumps. Then you have to use Sand gravel pumps, which designed for handling large solid slurry.

sand pumps for dredging (2)
1.Using clamp for pump and pump cover, make the sand pump discharge outlet can be at any degree you want, and easy to install.
2. Greased type bearing, using cylindrical structure, easy to adjust the gap between impeller and the pump casing.
3. The sand pump shaft seal can be packing seal, expeller seal or mechanical seal.
4. The pump with larger solid passage, great cavitation performance, high efficiency.
5. Transmission mainly are V-belt drive and flexible coupling drive.
6. The pump are widely used in rivers, lakes, sea, reservoir dredging, land reclamation, iron ore, gold sand, mud pumping.
7. SH sand pumps are high pressure pumps. Used for high pressure and long distance transport of sand from river or sea.
8. With ability to deal with Solid-liquid mixture concentration delivered up to 60%.