Slurry pump packing life

Slurry pumps are the most popular pumps on the market due to excellent wear life almost without reducing efficiency during the wear cycle.

And there maybe a little problem for your slurry pump when work: short life of packing. This will happened only in expeller seal or gland packing seal as they use packing gland.

Why this happen become the first question before you solve this problem, here we will talk some probable faults


Incorrect positioning or placement of packing when assembly the slurry pump.

Shaft bent.

The shaft aleady bent when assembly or after use for a period

Bearings worn.

The bearings worn cause the slurry pump running unstable

Shaft sleeves worn or scored at the packing.

When you find the shaft sleeve is a problem, easy to replace a new one will solve the packing problem

Packing improperly installed.

The packing if not installed well, it will lead to this problem definitely

Incorrect type of packing or operating conditions.

You have to change the packing or adjust the operation. you can check How to replace gland packing seal

Impeller out of balance, resulting in vibration.

Gland too tight, resulting in no flow of liquid to lubricate packing.

Dirt or grit in sealing liquid, leading to scoring shaft sleeve.

If solids get into the packing with liquid, it will damage the shaft sleeve and then packing will be damaged in time

Expeller worn or blocked.

Slurry pump can be assemblied with expeller seal. If the expeller worn or blocked, it will damage the packing soon.

Excessive clearance at bottom of stuffing box, forcing packing into pump.

When comes to this level, you need one experienced engineer to solve the problem.