Stuffing box is a seal part used in  slurry pumps, when pump with packing seal. Its a easy seal and cheap than others, but when in daily use, there maybe face a problem, leakage from stuffing box. Before you solve this problem you need to find out what caused this.

Here bellow we list some points for you when you check stuffing box leakage, wish could help you


Shaft bent.

Shaft sleeves worn or scored at the packing.

Packing improperly installed.

Incorrect type of packing or operating conditions.

Shaft running off-center because of worn bearings or misalignment.

Impeller out of balance, resulting in vibration.

Dirt or grit in sealing liquid, leading to scoring shaft sleeve.

Expeller worn or blocked.

Excessive clearance at bottom of stuffing box, forcing packing into pump.