Gland packing seal requires continuous liquid lubrication and cooling between the rotating shaft sleeve and the compressed packing, to prevent over heating due to the friction.

The slurry is not a suitable liquid to provide this function, as the particles would very quickly wear through the protective shaft sleeve. A supplementary external supply of clean flushing water must be provided, to flush the slurry particles away from the seal area, whilst providing the necessary lubrication and cooling required by the packing. The quality, quantity and pressure of this gland sealing water is of prime importance and must be carefully matched to the duty Required.
1, Clean the stuffing box and check whether the shaft surface scratches or burrs. stuffing box should be cleaned and the shaft surface should be smooth.
2, Check shaft run-out, the beating of the rotor unbalance amount should be within the allowable range(0.03~0.08mm), to avoid heavy vibration damage the packing.
3, Rolls packing around one stick which same size with shaft journal, then cut it with 45°bevel.
4, Fill the packing one by one, holding the ends of the packing interface, then pull it away axially, spirally, and then from the incision set into the shaft journal. Shall be opened along the radial to avoid interface arrhythmia.
5,Push the packing deep into the stuffing box. Fill all the packing in same way, when the packing amount is from 4 to 8, it should make the interface staggered 90°and two packing staggered 180°; if only 3 to 6, should make it 120°to 180°, in order to prevent leakage through the interface.
6, Finally tight the gland assembly easily, not in heavy pressure force. Rotating shaft with hand simultaneously in order to make the assembly clamping force tends to parabolic distribution. Then slightly relax the gland, make sure the gap between gland assembly and shaft sleeve is 0.75 to 1mm, the glad assembly and stuffing box is 0.1 to 0.3mm..
7, Running test before continuous operation, if not sealed well, then pressed some more packing; if the fever is too high, then release a little. Until it shows a the Droplets leakage and common fever (not higher than the ambient temperature from 30 to 40℃).

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