No water into slurry pump
1. Turning is wrong or the slurry pump impeller is damaged.
2. Suction pipe is blocked.

1. Check turning and change the damaged slurry pump impeller.
2. Remove blocks.
Overload Shaft Power
1. Friction occurred in the slurry pump.
2. Damaged bearing.
3. Belt is tied for driving device.
4. Pumping capacity is too big
5. Rotation speed is too high, and medium specific gravity is great.
6. The slurry pump shaft is not parallel to motor shaft , or they are misaligned.
1. Eliminate the friction.
2. Change damaged bearing.
3. Adjust the belt.
4. Adjust the operation condition of slurry pump.
5. Adjust the rotation speed.
6. Adjust motor shaft and pump shaft.
Bearing Overheated
1. Too much or too little grease for bearing.
2. Grease is in debris.
3. Slurry Pump Bearing is damaged.
1. Add appropriate amount of grease.
2. Change the grease.
3. Use new bearing.
Short Service Life of Bearing
1. Motor shaft and slurry pump shaft are misaligned, or they are not parallel.
2. Bearing is bent.
3. Friction is within slurry pump, or slurry pump impeller is not balanced.
4. Foreign matter goes into bearing, or the quantity of grease is not proper.
1. Adjust motor shaft and slurry pump shaft.
2. Change shaft.
3. Eliminate friction, or replace the slurry pump impeller.
4. Clean the slurry pump bearing.
5. Change the slurry pump bearing or reinstall the bearing.
Slurry Pump Vibration and Big Noise
1. The bearing is damaged.
2. The impeller is not balanced.
3. The flow is not uniform and the slurry pump  is empty.
1. Use a new bearing.
2. Renew impeller.
3. Improve the slurry pump feeding.

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