Principles should be followed to selection suitable  Slurry pump check valve
Small Slurry pump pipeline DN < 50mm, lift check valve is OK.
Slurry pump pipeline DN ≥ 50mm, swing check valve should be used, installed horizontally or vertically . Swing check valve fluid resistance is generally less than lift check valve, and no restricted installation make it better for larger diameter Slurry pump pipeline conditions.
According to the numbers of check valve disc, there are single plate swing check valve and dual plate swing check valve. Single plate swing check valve is generally used with a medium size Slurry pump pipeline. Large-diameter pipeline selects single plate buffer check valve will be better, in order to reduce water hammer pressure. Dual plate swing check valve suited for medium and large diameter piping. Wafer dual plate swing check valve sales well for smaller structure size and light weight advantages.
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