In order to ensure the efficient operation of slurry pump, you have to promptly adjust the gap of slurry pump impeller and throat bush. Metal slurry pump impeller and throat bush gap can between 0.5-1mm and rubber lined slurry pump impeller should be in the middle of cover plate liner and frame plate liner.
Stop the pump before slurry pump impeller gap adjustment, loosen the bolts of the bearing assembly , tighten the nut on the bolt, then the bearing assembly will be moved forward while rotating the shaft by hand according direction of rotation until the slurry pump impeller next to throat bush.
For the metal slurry pump just need to loosen the tighten nut semi-circle and also tighten the front nut, make the bearing assembly moves back a little, then the gap between slurry pump impeller and throat bush will be about 0.5-1mm.
For rubber slurry pump impeller adjustment, you should first tighten the adjust nut to make bearing assembly move forward, and then move back to get the right size between cover plate liner and frame plate liner , then adjust the impeller in the right middle position between them.
After adjustment, must re-examine the normal rotation of the impeller, the bearing assembly and adjustment bolts are tightened the bolts before starting slurry pump again.

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