Slurry pumps are mainly used in the industrial sector for transporting pulp production, such as metallurgy, electric power, coal, mining and other industries are inseparable from the slurry applications. Slurry pump working is characterized by multi-processed slurry with various solid particles, we need to know more about the daily Slurry Pump Operation Tips of its use precautions.
Filter can be used when slurry pump handling large particles, such as mud, which could reduce the impurity particles entering theslurry pump, reducing stuck chance of the pump and extending slurry pump life. Better not let the slurry pump working too long, if there is standby slurry pump, it is best to take the form of rotation job.
In the course of slurry pump, the pump should be placed on the ground, keeping the stability of the pump. If mud pump or submersible slurry pump that required underwater work, which limited by its structure must be put into the water pump, then fix the motor out of water and make sure the slurry pump work stably.
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