China dredge booster pump

WN450 Sand Dredge Pump

Inlet: 600mm
Outlet: 450mm
Capacity: 3200-3850m3/h
Head: 40-67m
Speed: 350-500r/min
Max.Particles: 354mm
Materials: High chrome alloy
China dredge booster pump

China dredge booster pump


1. Large dredging depth, high density of dredging mud, good NPSH and strong suction lift ability

2. Strong through-put. The pump can presistently discharge gravel, high plastic soil lump,etc

3. The pump can be directly matched with either motor or diesel engine

4. Wide applications. It can be used in various kinds of soil quality.

Generally, the pump is matched with an impeller with 3 or 5 pieces of vane.

At the same time, the impellers can be provided with various diameters and vane types to suit

kinds of working conditions.

5. Little hydraulic loss, high efficiency and low oil-consumption

6. Little volume, light weight

7. Steady operating, little vibration, low noise

8. Simple & reliable constrution, easily disassembly & assembly,convenient maintaince

9. Reliable sealing without leakage

10. Long operating life of parts

11. Light weight, good wear-resistance

12. Super dredging performance, perfectly suited for the dredge on the whole construction, high multiple economy benefits