Anti wear dredging pump

Anti wear dredging pump

Anti wear dredging pump

LIBRA Sand Dredge Pump is designed for continuously handling the most difficult higher abrasive slurries & sands which contain too big solids, It has advantages of single case, wide channel, high chrome wetted parts. The discharge can be installed in 360 degree in any direction, easy to install and use, good cavitation performance, anti-abrasion etc


Design Features:

• Structure suitable for dredging ship:
The structure of WN500 pump is single-casing, single-stage, single-suction, cantilever and horizontal. According to the connection with the gear box, two structures can be offered: self-carrying bracket and pump-box assembly. The lubrication for the bracket is grease or thin oil.

• Easy to Disassembly and Installation, Convenient Maintenance:
WN500 pump adopts front-disassembly structure in favor of easy disassembly and maintenance. Also it is equipped with special disassembly tools for each different part according to each part’s features.
The standard trapezoidal quadruple thread is adopted to connect the impeller and shaft, which not only transmits strong torque but also is easy to disassembly.

• Good Performance on NPSH:
The good NPSH performance of WN500 pump ensures the strong suction ability as well as deeper dredging depth and denser dredging concentration.

• Good Wear-resistant Performance, Long Service Time of Wet Parts:
Wet parts of this kind of dredging pump-impeller, liner and front & back liner plate are adapted anti-wear cast iron alloy whose hardness is more than 58HRC, who has both strong anti-attack feature and higher resistance wear and resistance abrasion features. The hardness of T05 material that is researched and tested successfully by Kingda can research 65HRC.

• Reliable Shaft Sealing Without Leakage