Slurry pumps have been widely used in coal washing process, but what exact process in need of slurry pumps, what kind of slurry pumps will suit the condition, bellow we will talk something about it.

Washery slurry pumps in the coal production process is widely used in slurry water, recycled water, coal slurry and heavy medium suspension and other fluid transfer operations. And as a grade (concentrate) cyclone, heavy medium cyclone separation or filter feed pump, it will directly impact on process indicators. Therefore, as an important preparation plant auxiliary equipment, its operation will directly affect the normal operation of production systems.
Other names of slurry pumps used as washery pumps
1 Cyclone feed pump: Transport the slime bucket water into the slime concentrated cyclone for sorting.
2 Pit water pump: Pump the ground water to dilute medium bucket.
3 Recycling pump: Used for pump concentrated pool water to the water system after clarification for sculping sprinkler and water serve systems.
4 Underflow pump: Aim to pump the high concentrated slurry water pumped into slurry mixing barrel with washing system.
5 Filter feed pump: Pump high concentration coal slurry from mixing bucket of slime water into the filter, to separate slime and water.
6 Filtrate pump: Recover the filtrate after treatment to filter filtrate barrel and then pump from the filtrate to concentrate pool.

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