Adjust the gap between impeller and liner and plate. The gap had been adjusted before out factory, but after working for a time, due to the high-pressure of volute liner and low-pressure of suction, caused the slurry leakage through the impeller gap, inevitably lead to the impeller and plate or volute liner seal segment wear and increase the gap.

The gap size has great impact on the slurry speed, and the slurry speed determined the wear of impeller and plate, also the seal effect in volute liner. As there is a certain axial movement of slurry pump operation, can not to infinitely small, so it should be closed to the minimum when assembly the slurry pump. Check the current regularly when running the slurry pump, constant density, if need to open bigger size of valve to match normal capacity, it shows the gap increased.
Adjusted for uneven wear parts and repair, extend components life. The pump suction flow rate is low, the slurry in suction is in the state of motion of sliding and discontinuous beating, the influent pump intake joint and bottomer of the throat bush wear faster than upper, it has relations with speed and concentration of slurry. Change the rotational position according to the working situation of the site in a timely manner (is generally rotated 120°), in order to ensure the uniform wear of the parts.
Slurry pressurized by the slurry pump impeller in the volute, and then though volute outlet into the discharge pipeline. the slurry impact and erosion of the volute outlet, make it wear faster than other wetted parts. With the separation volute outlet gap increased to a certain width, honeycomb will be produced on the volute outlet, it will not only reduce the efficiency of the pump, but also accelerate the wear of the outlet then reduce the life of the volute. Take timely repair of the volute outlet appeared honeycomb wear with wear-resistant adhesion promoter, then can recover pump efficiency and extend volute life.

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