Bearing played a key role in the slurry pumps, and it is the easiest part to find problems, if slurry runs sluggish.

If the slurry bearing fails, how should confirm it? According to the experience of our technical staff, lists the following three points, hope could help you:

1, Voice identification
Be identified by the sound requires a wealth of experience, the worker must be adequately trained to recognize bearing sounds reach the non-bearing voice. With a listening device attached to the Slurry pump bearing housing can clearly hear the sound of the bearing.

2, Working temperature
This method is a “comparative identification method” is limited to use, and there must be a continuous record of temperature. When a fault occurs, the temperature will not only rise, but also will be irregularities changes.

3, Recognize the lubricant
Sampling and analysis of lubricants through its dirty degree, whether metal powder or others in the lubricant. This method is good for conditions which can not closely observation of bearings or large bearings.

Through the above three simple methods can roughly determine the fault of slurry pump bearings. Bearing is a dominant in the rotation system, we must be very seriously on it, once problems are detected, you should repair first, or other parts may damaged.

slurry pump on iron mine

slurry pump on iron mine

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