For slurry pumps selection, there are some thing you need to know before it. Hope what we talked bellow could help you on slurry pump selection.

Installation type

There are vertical slurry pumps, horizontal slurry pumps, submersible slurry pumps. Horizontal slurry pumps can be installed into CV, CR, DC and ZVz types, customers could choose according to their own working conditions.

slurry pump driven type

slurry pump driven type

Good slurry pump parameters

Slurry parameters include: suction and discharge size, flow rate, head, power, NPSH, etc. These are the parameters must be confirmed first before slurry pump selection. Only confirm all these data well, you could choose the right pump then.

Slurry pump structure selection

There are light duty slurry pumps, heavy-duty slurry pump, low head slurry pumps, high head slurry pumps and etc. AH slurry pump is one kind of heavy duty slurry pumps, HH type is high head slurry pumps, M series is medium slurry pump, AHR is rubber lined slurry pumps. There are many types of slurry pumps, so you must confirm the pump structure.
ah ah horizontal slurry pumps Horizontal slurry pumps

Material of slurry pump

After you done above steps, then you have to face another important problem, slurry pump material. You have to choose right material according to working conditions. There are some common slurry pump materials: A05 material (high-chromium alloy KmTBCr26), A49 (desulfurization pump special material), A33 (Naifushibeng special material) and others.

Slurry pump shaft seal

There are three main kinds of seal types, Gland packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal. Depending on the working conditions, the sealing material could be different, such as mechanical seal can be divided into stainless steel 316L and 3cr13. Customers can choose according to their own work conditions.

Hope the above information cloud help you in some way, if you want know more, please contact us.

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