Slurry pumps are most common and maximum utilization of pumps. AH slurry pump is designed by Australia Warman company, which with simple structure and durable working life. Hope what we talked bellow could help you solve motor overheat problems you may have in maintenance process of AH slurry pumps.

Why slurry pump overheating?
1, Slurry pump working under overflow condition, too larger than designed flow point.
2, Slurry pump speed is too high. The slurry pump speed too high will need more shaft power, increasing pump burden.
3, Slurry pump seal ring wear problem. Slurry pump seal ring wear too much will lead to adhesion to the shaft, causing overheat of shaft.
4, Slurry liquid density is too high. The density is too large, resulting in pump pressure increased, it will increase the burden on slurry pump itself.
5, Slurry pump rotating parts friction. The distance between the various components of the slurry pump is limited.
6, Bad quality motor. It may be aluminum motor or inside winding relatively is small.
7, Slurry pump packing is too tight. Too tight packing may lead to dry running of slurry pumps phenomenon, will seriously hamper the operation of slurry pump.
Solutions to overheating problems
1, Turn down outlet valve or other ways to decrease slurry pump flow.
2, Reduce the slurry pump speed.
3, Replace the seal ring and increase lubrication efforts.
4.Increase motor power.
5, Make sure all clearance of slurry pumps installed in accordance with specifications, eliminating friction.
6, Use better motor. Remember to use good motor all the time, do not use defective products.
7, Loose slurry packing filler to reduced pressure.

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