The main basic performance characterization parameters of slurry pump

Flow rate Q
The slurry pump flow rate is for liquid transferring per unit time (volume or mass ) .
Q represents a volume flow rate, unit is : m3 / s, m3 / h, l / s and so on .
Mass flow with Qm, unit is : t / h, kg / s and so on.
Mass flow and volume flow relationship : Qm = ρQ
ρ- density of the liquid (kg/m3, t/m3), at room temperature , clean water’s ρ = 1000kg/m3.
Slurry pump head H
Slurry pump head is the energy value change for lifting unit weight of liquid from the pump inlet ( pump inlet flange ) to the pump outlet ( pump outlet flange ). It’s so the effective energy obtained for a Newtonian liquid through the slurry pump. The unit is N • m / N = m, ie pumped liquid column height , habit referred to as meter.
Slurry pump speed n
Shaft rotation speed is the number of revolutions per unit time by the symbol n, the unit is r / min.
Slurry pump NPSH
NPSH called net positive suction head , cavitation performance is the main parameters . NPSH has been expressed by Δh.
Slurry pump Power and Efficiency Power
Slurry pump power usually refers to the input power, ie, the prime mover mass support pump shaft power, also called shaft power, using P as symbol
Slurry pump effective power also known as output power expressed by Pe.

Wish the above parameters of slurry pump help you know the pump much better, any questions, welcome to contact us anytime.

slurry pump on iron mine

slurry pump on iron mine

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