There are lots of factors will cause slurry pump vibration, when this happens the following tips maybe could help you to resume production quickly and also may improve the efficiency
1. Bad foundation
Check the adequacy of the slurry pump foundation
Vertical pumps or sump pumps steel structural base should be checked, if not solid, reinforce it or enhance strength of steel
The natural frequency of foundation whether cause resonance with pump running or not, if yes, adjust the pump speed
2. Bad installation
Anchor bolts should be tightened
Concentric must be check for direct coupling between slurry pump and motor or generator
If use sheaves drive, check whether the center of the pump and motor shaft is parallel
There should be a firmed support for slurry pipeline, do not let the pipe directly support by slurry pump
Make sure there is no heat distortion when conveying high temperature medium
3. Pump rotor part problems
Bad static and dynamic balance of slurry pump impeller
Pump belt sheave is imbalance
Bearing bracket problem
Bending shaft, then bending straightening required
Impeller blockage, resulting in uneven impeller, the impeller should be cleared
Bearing rusty or damaged, replace with new ones
4. Motor problems
Motor rotor balancing is not qualified
Motor with incorrect poles installed
Whether the motor sheave balance or not
5. Slurry pump selection and improper use
Effective pipeline pump NPSH must be less than the pump NPSH, or it will cause cavitation
Head is higher than slurry pipeline needed, large flow operation caused cavitation, then you have to reduce slurry pump speed or cut impeller
Small volume pool in suction line, air will get into the pump by large fluctuations of medium pool, better to enlarge the volume of the pool
There is still air in pipeline or not fulfill water injection

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