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ZA chemical pump

ZTS Petrochemical Process Pump

Pump Type: Centrifugal slurry pump
Size DN 25-200mm
Capacity up to 2400m3/h
Head up to 300m
Operating pressures up to 2.5MPa
Operating temperatures -80℃ to +450℃

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ZTS petrochemical process pump is designed according to API610 7th edition and VDMA24297 (light/medium) standard.

The pumps are horizontal single-stage single-suction centrifugal process pumps with supporting feet below. The single-suction radial impeller, shaft direction suction port and radially upward discharge port. According to the operating conditions, the hydraulic balance provide to the front or rear wear rings and blance holes. Stuffing-box have the cooling or heating connections. The shaft sealing is packing or mechanical seal(single or double faces), the cooling, flushing or sealing liquid are provided.

Standard piping are designed according to API standard.

The rated pressure stage of flanges is same in the suction and discharge piping.

Looking from the motor, the direction of rotation is clockwise.

Pumping medium

■ All kinds of temperature and concentration of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid and other inorganic acid and organic acids.

■ All kinds of temperature and concentration of sodium hydroxide alkaline solution and sodium carbonate, etc.

■ Various salt solution

■ Various liquid petroleum products, organic compounds, and other corrosive materials and products.

At present, anti-corrosive materials for pumps provided by our plant can meet all the requirements of the medium mentioned above. Please provide the detail service conditions for the pump to us when you order.

ZTS Petrochemical Process Pump drawing

ZTS Petrochemical Process Pump drawing

The pump are suitable for pumping clean or containing particle liquid, low or high temperature liquid, chemically neutral or corrosive liquids.

■ Oil refinery, petrochemical industry, coal processing industry and low temperature engineering.

■ Chemical industry, papermaking, paper pulp industry, sugar industry and general processing industry.

■ Water supply factory and desalinator.

■ Heating and air conditioning system.

■ Power plant.

■ Environmental engineering.

■ Ships and offshore industry, etc.

chemical pump material list

chemical pump material list