The solid particles in the slurry directly cause wear on the slurry pump flow parts.
A good material selection should be made according to the characteristics of the slurry and the characteristics of the solid particles.

(1)Solid particle shape
The geometric shape of the solid particle. From the perspective of tribology and combining the characteristics of hydraulic conveying, it is divided into the following three categories: sharp particles; viscous particles; turbid particles.

(2)Hardness of solid particles
The hardness of solid particles is also an important factor that causes high abrasion of slurry pump flow parts.
When the hardness of the solid matter is higher than the flow part, cutting wear occurs on the flow part; when the hardness of the solid matter is lower than the parts, due to the repeated action of the solid particles, the material can also be fatigued and worn.

(3)Density of solid particles
The density of solid particles is proportional to the speed of the slurry, the amount of wear and the shaft power of the slurry pump, and inversely proportional to the efficiency of the slurry pump.
When the density is so high that the slurry is not sufficient to form a suspension, sedimentation and flow will occur.

(4)Distribution of solid particles
The distribution of solid particles in the slurry is also one of the important factors determining the slurry.
The most important characteristic of a homogeneous slurry is that the solid particles are uniformly distributed, suspended and dispersed, and there is no obvious volume clumps, otherwise it is a heterogeneous slurry.

(5)Slurry density
In the slurry conveying, the density of the slurry is proportional to the shaft power of the slurry pump.
So when we select the model, we must figure out the accurate density of the slurry first and then calculate the motor power.

(6)Viscosity of the slurry
When the slurry or fluid flows, internal friction or response should be caused.
It mainly affects the flow, head, and cavitation margin, but also affects the power and efficiency of the slurry pump shaft. Such as Syrup, asphalt, coal water slurry, etc.

(7)PH value of slurry
PH value has a great influence on the type of slurry pump selection. The pH value directly affects the selection of pump materials. Therefore, the pH of the pumping medium must be known in advance to make targeted material.

Best Slurry pump selection

Best Slurry pump selection