Slurry pump manufacturer offer you solutions to solve insufficient flow problem

The slurry pump is a kind of centrifugal pump.

Slurry pump is used to transport a mixture of solid particles with water containing.

The flow maybe unstable during use slurry pump on site.

When this happened for your pump, you need pay attention for the bellow:

1. Leakage in the pipe system or there is air in the pump body will lead to insufficient pump flow.

Solution: Check the source of air leakage in the pipe and discharge the air in the pump body at the same time.

2. Insufficient flow is mostly caused by leaks in the suction pipe or bottom valve.

Solution: Check the source of air leakage in the suction pipe side and solve it

3. The suction side pipe got blocked will also lead to low flow.

Solution: Clean the suction pipe

3. The bottom valve has insufficient depth of water, and it is easy to suck in air when pumping, resulting in insufficient pump flow.

Solution: Control the depth of the foot valve.

4. The voltage is too low to drive the slurry pump. Then the speed will be lower than designed, this will lead to lower flow.

Solution: Adjust the power supply voltage.

5. The slurry pump impeller wears too much. After the impeller wears out, it does not conform to the standard size of the impeller, resulting in insufficient pump flow.

solution: replace the impeller.

The medium that the slurry pump deal with often contains solid particles, better install stainer in the tank to make sure no big solids pass into the pump system. Reducing the possibility of blockage caused by excessively large particles or long fiber materials entering the pump body.

Slurry pump manufacturer

Slurry pump manufacturer