Sand and gravel quarrying is a major industry in the world, the products are used in a wide variety of industries from glass making to building materials.
Typically the raw product goes through many stages of treatment such as crushing, pre-screening, primary / secondary density separation, drying, washing, bleaching.

Libra Fluid sand silica slurry pumps are ideal for isolation and control of these processes.
As part of some sand, silica and gravel operations, the material undergoes washing and treatment using aggressive chemicals such as Sulfuric acid.
In this environment our slurry pumps are constructed in chemical resistant material.
Silica Sand deposits are particularly difficult material to handle as they have unique has very distinct characteristics of size shape chemical composition requiring individual attention to detail.
Industrial grades of silica sand have a high content of silica (up to 99%) normally in the form of quartz, the most common crystalline form of Silicon Oxide.
Silica sand is produced from loosely consolidated deposits and from weakly cemented sandstones.
Silica is hard, chemically inert and has a high melting point, essential for many industries.


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