Why slurry pump system discharge delivery reduced

When using slurry pumps, you may face a common problem: slurry pump discharge reduced. Before to fix the problem, you need to know what exactly lead this problem for you. Bellow we list some for your reference.


Pump or intake pipe not completely filled with liquid.
Suction lift too high.
Insufficient margin between intake pressure and vapor pressure.
Excessive amount of air or gas in liquid.
Air pocket in intake line.
Air leaks into intake line.
Air leaks into pump through stuffing box.
Foot value too small.
Foot value partially clogged.
Intake pipe insufficiently submerged.
Blocked intake.
Intake pipe diameter too small or length of intake pipe too long.


Speed too low.
Speed to high.
Wrong direction of rotation.
Total head of system higher than design head.
Viscosity of liquid differs from that for which designed.
Entrained air in pump. Pump hopper requires baffles.
Badly installed pipe line or gaskets partly blocking pipe.


Impeller damaged or worn.
Casing gasket defective, permitting internal leakage.
Foreign matter in impeller.

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