Slurry pump bearing

Slurry pump bearing

This topic will talk about the things need care about when  slurry pump replace with new bearings.

All before change bearing, you have to clean bearing housing, bearing end cover, shaft and other fittings to prevent dirt, protective coating or lubricating oil.

Do not wash the lubricant from the bearing manufacturing plant put on bearing.

The manufacturer uses a high-grade acid-free lubricant (there are no chemicals and impurities inside that may cause corrosion).

Any additives added must be absolutely clean.

Take the following actions when replacing the bearing:

1, Get all things covered to prevent dirt.

2, Use special tools for friction, do not use wood scrapers and use steel or putty knives.

3. If lubrication gun is used, the grease nipple and lubrication components should be kept clean.

The slurry pump bearing assembly is critical.

This is the rotor part of the slurry pump.

The quality of the bearing and the assembly process are good enough to affect the performance of slurry pump.

We should try to meticulous and continuous experience to avoid failure of the slurry pump bearings, thus ensuring the working life of the slurry pump.