The quality factor and the safety factor of the slurry pump are important for us. And daily maintenance is also important.

The following may be useful:

1) The water pressure and volume of the bearing should meet the specification. Adjust the packing tension or replace the packing at any time, to avoid leakage from the seal. Replace the shaft sleeve in time.

2) When replacing the bearing, make sure that no dust exist in the bearing assembly and that lubricating oil is clean. When the pump is operating, the bearing temperature had better not exceed 60 – 65℃, and should not exceed 75℃ for the maximum.

3) Guarantee proper alignment of the motor and the pump, make sure that the elastic cushion in the coupling functions correctly completely and if it is damaged, replace it immediately.

4) Make sure that the pump assembly and the pipeline system are installed properly and reliably.

5) Some parts of the slurry pump are vulnerable, so pay special attention to the wear condition of the vulnerable parts and repair or replace them in time if necessary. When repairing or replacing vulnerable parts of the slurry pump, make sure they match correctly and that the clearance adjustment is reasonable, to prevent from getting unsmooth and wear.

6) No air leakage should occur to the suction line system of the slurry pump. During operation, check whether the inlet is clogged. The media that needs to be processed with the slurry pump contain solid particles in most conditions, so the barrier placed in the pump sump should meet requirements for particles to pass through the slurry pump, thus reducing the risks of pump blockage due to large particles or long fiber materials entering the pump.

To operate the slurry pump, the pump should be placed on the ground and the water absorption tube in water, and pump priming should be started. To operate slurry pumps and submersible slurry pumps which are restricted by the structure, the motor should be placed on the water surface and the pump in water and fix it, or else the motor may fall into water and get scrapped. Because the long axis has a fixed length, the pump installation and operation are complicated, and the application is limited.

If there is a standby pump, it is better to use the two pumps alternatively. If the pump is stuck, equip a net at the inlet, to prevent impurities from entering the pump, thus reducing the risk of stuck pumps!

The pump is classified into two aspects: electrical and mechanical aspects. As for the mechanical aspect, check the maintenance record. As for the electrical aspect, learn about the control system, so as to understand the power of the motor of each pump. When using the slurry pump with mechanical seal, guarantee supply of seal water. Never operate without any water, or else, the mechanical seal will get burnt. Besides, the slurry pump also contains submerged long-shaft pump which has different modes of daily maintenance.

concentrate pulp transport pump

concentrate pulp transport pump