Usage of advanced design theory and model
The flow parts wear and tear damage is caused by the impact of solid particles on the surface of the components. Solid-liquid two-phase flow theory is in use to make better slurry pump, effectively reduce wear and prolong the life of the pump.

Select reasonable impeller geometric parameters
A. slurry pump impeller inlet diameter capacity range efficiency has influence on the wetted parts. Too small impeller inlet size will reduce the flow area, so that the slurry flow into the vanes with higher speed, then the particles will out of water, not only increased volume loss, but more uneven wear exacerbated to the slurry pump wetted parts.
B. In order to meet the required head and reduce wear, it is better to larger the impeller outlet width. It will reduce the relative speed of the impeller at the outlet, reduce the impeller wear, prevent clogging, and will also reduce the jet flow in the outlet of impeller, uniform outlet velocity distribution. But the outlet width should not be increased too much, otherwise it will cause the hump phenomenon, leading to unstable operation. So, impeller outlet width should be selected according to the working situation
C. According to the Two-Phase Flow and Installation Angles of Vane’s outlet and inlet. Larger inlet angle can reduce the collision between solid particles and vanes’ surface to reduce the impact of solid particles on the inlet side. The trajectory of particles are difference with different sizes in the impeller, small particles moves along the impeller surface ; the large particles moves away from the vanes surface, caused by the centrifugal force.
Impeller vanes outlet angle should be designed increased when transporting slurry with larger particles, this will reduce the wear of vanes’ outlet, and thus can improve the impeller life. On the contrary, if it is designed to transport slurry containing smaller particles, the vanes’ outlet angle should be reduced, the common range is 18-40°
D. Numbers of Vanes, the Solid-liquid Two-phase flow designed pumps with less impeller vanes to reduce the wear the crowding of the Impeller outlet, general vanes numbers are 4-7.
Well matched between volute liner and impeller
With bad volute liner design, it will speed up the wear, so impeller matched with liner should be considered when do the design. When the slurry pump matches the working requirements, it should be minium the flow in the volute liner, otherwise it will wear heavily.

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