Slurry pump low flow impacts

Lead to lower efficiency and power consumption increases . Centrifugal slurry pumps are generally designed to make the most efficient point around the nominal operating point. If the centrifugal slurry pump working point in the low flow operation , its efficiency will drop quickly, generally, the smaller flow, the lower efficient.
Vibration noise increases, causing environmental pollution , damage slurry pump parts, affecting the life of slurry pump. In the designed operation point, the impeller vanes and flow are in the same, flow separation losses, the impact loss and vortex loss are relatively small, close to zero. But when slurry pump is operating at low flow areas, due to the deviation from the designed point, causing these factors increasing heavily and also with large hydraulic noise and mechanical vibration.
A significant increase in internal recirculation, heat cohesion and temperature of liquid in the slurry pump, causing slurry pump heating, then affect the mechanical properties of components, also causes deterioration of cavitation of slurry pump, impact suction conditions.
Radial centrifugal force increased, deteriorated slurry pump rotor stress situation . As slurry pump working in a small flow area deviated from the designed point , the liquid flow rate decrease eddy interior , but according to velocity triangle analysis, the liquid flow speed in slurry pump impeller actually increased, so that the liquid can not converge and lead to impact, increased the pressure to produce radial force.

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