When the water pump suck water from the water pond, since inverted suction type in used, it can make the suction tube filled with water, after pump starts, eliminating the need for irrigation exhaust can be quickly into operation to improve the automation of pump start and reliable level.

The inverted suction type makes the pump shaft elevation below the pool water level. This method is commonly used in the basement of the building, arranged, and the pump house is set in the basement, the water pool should be setted in the basement next to the pump house or outdoor underground. This suction way, the water level is higher than the pump shaft of elevation, the suction tube has been filled with water to ensure the pump automatically prompt start.
Without basements, there are difficulties to use inverted suction type. In this case, pools are generally provided at the outside of building, and buried under the ground. This led to the water level lower than the pump shaft elevation, pumps can not achieve inverted suction. Then the bellow ways are used to solve this problem.
1. Install foot valve at the end of the suction pipe. The foot valve is a check valve in fact, it is to ensure that the water only can into the suction pipe and not turn back, so if the suction pipe is filled with water, even the the pump axis elevation above the pool water level, the suction pipe will be filled with water with the foot valve make the water can not back to pood ensure the pump automatically start. This absorbent reliability based on the quality of the foot valve, such as closed lax and leaking, if so the water will slowly back to the pool, there will be no water in the suction tube, leading to manual irrigation pump starts .
2. Use other sources of water replenishment. It is to install a pipeline on the basis foot valve, in front of the check valve in the pump outlet pipe and this pipe connected to the outdoor municipal water mains or other external water source to supply water to the pump suction pipe, supplemental water when foot valve lost, so that the suction tube is filled with water.
3.Install a suction tank in the pump suction pipeline. Before the first run, the tank should be manually filled with water, because the the suction tank’s inlet pipe height higher than the water level in the tube, although after stopped the pump, the water in the tank will not back to the pool, the suction pipe of tank is higher than the water in tank, make the tank full of water.
4.Install vacuum pump in the pump suction piping. Start vacuum pumps first to make suction pipe filled with water to ensure the pump automatically prompt start.

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