How to choose good quality abrasive slurry pumps

When you want to find the best abrasive slurry pump for your working condition, you have to know the abrasive well first.

What is a slurry?

Slurry is any mixture of fluid, like water, and a pulverized solid.

Where there is solid, so there is abrasive. But are these solids are sharp or fine sand? This decide the abrasive grade for the slurry.

When there are only fine sand solids, so many material can be used for the condition, such as rubber, ceramic, metal

If there are sharp solids, the better way is metal

No matter what solids in your slurry, Libra have the good material for it. We could offer you rubber, PU, ceramic, high chrome, stainless steel.

Hope you could find the right slurry pump to match your requirements from Libra.

Bellow are some links may help you to find the pumps

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