The Ceramic slurry pump is so called the name all because of the main wetted parts of the slurry pump all made of ceramic Si3N4-SiC, such as ceramic slurry pump impeller, liner and volute.

Si3N4-SiC(silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide)is a kind of inorganic nonmetallic materials, We will call it ceramic hereafter.
Its wear resisting performance is 3.13times of Cr15Mo3 with Mohs hardness 8.9, only after Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride. Compare with similar products, our ceramic density is about 5% higher than others, and double flexural strength higher at normal temperature.
Ceramic slurry pump are widely used in coal power generation, non-ferrous foundry, Mineral Processing, Coal Prep, Cyclone Feeds, Aggregate Processing, Fine Primary Mill Grinding, Chemical Slurry Service, Tailings, Secondary Grinding, Industrial Processing, Pulp and Paper, Food Processing, Cracking Operations, Ash Handling and other high corrosion and wear conditions.

Physical Analysis

Max Temperature 1700℃
Bulk Density 2.67- 2.76g/cm3
Porosity 11-15%
Thermal Expansion 4.7/℃ x 10 -5 (20℃ – 1400℃)
Thermal Conductivity 16.3W/[email protected]°K
Cold Modulus of Rupture 47-79MPa
1400℃ Modulus of Rupture 54-88.4MPa
Cold Compressive Strength 187-271MPa
Specific Heat(0℃ – 1400℃) 0.29

Chemical Analysis

Composition Percent
AlO3 1.68%
SiO2 2.10%
Fe2O3 0.16%
SiC 71.30%
Si3N4 24.41%
Others 0.35%

Corrosion Resistance Analysis

Item Density Temperature℃ Performance
H2SO4 10-98 20-165 undecomposed
HCl 0-100 Any undecomposed
H3PO4 0-100 Any undecomposed
Cl2 0-100 ≤ 6000℃ undecomposed
HF 200ppm ≤ 130℃ undecomposed
3000ppm ≤ 50℃ undecomposed
HNO3 0-100 Any undecomposed
CaSO4 0-100 Any undecomposed
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