Slurry pump mainly is used to convey solid and liquid mixture , so it is required to be lined with wear and corrosion resistant materials to resist the impact , abrasion and corrosion that caused by the slurry .
Slurry pumps are now mainly in two categories according to the liner material: one is the alloy slurry pump lined with gray cast iron, black cast iron or other wear-resistant metals; the other one is wear-resistant rubber slurry pump with wear – resistant rubber liners.
Advantages of alloy slurry pump : the material of alloy slurry pump impeller is hard. The impeller is not easy to deform under high speed, thus obtains high head
Disadvantages: wear – resistant metal with big specific gravity is difficult to replace.
Advantages of rubber slurry pump : excellent wear resistance, long service life, vast application, light weight, simple installation
Disadvantages: Rubber material is relatively soft; high speed may cause deformation, so the pump head is low.
To sum up, the rubber slurry pump owns low head and high wear resistance; alloy slurry pump, high head and low wear resistance.

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