Warman AH slurry pumps are centrifugal horizontal water pumps, which are widely used in world. When you change your working condition where the pumps worked, you face one problem, change the pump working performance, like flow rate. Here bellow we will talk some methods you can use to adjust the Warman AH slurry pumps working data, flow rate(capacity)

(1) Valve regulating
This is the most common and popular way to change the flow rate. Adjust the control valve in the slurry pump pipeline to change the flow rate. Its easy and reliable, but its also loss large power with low efficiency, not good for low flow system.

(2) Speed control
Changing slurry pump flow rate by speed. By this way, there is a little power loss and its most economical method. But it needs to add transmission mechanism and variable speed motors, he initial investment is costly. Also can adjust motor frequency to change the speed, or by using couplings

(3) Bypass regulator
Use bypass flow shunt regulator, to resolve WARMAN AH slurry pump flow continuous operation in low flow condition, but result in a diversion flow underutilized and increase additional losses, while the process pipeline increasing
(4) Cutting impeller diameter
By cutting slurry pump impeller diameter to adjust the pump flow rate, the power loss is little, but you can not recover impeller size which means you can only adjust to a small flow direction. And there is also a limitation of cutting impeller, flow regulating range is limited. It applies to long-term work at a smaller flow rate and flow rate change is not the occasion.

(5) Replacement of slurry pump impeller
Different diameter impeller adjustment lead to low power loss, but need to prepare a variety of impeller diameter.

(6) Blocked impeller passage
Block slurry pump impeller passage (even) to reduce pump flow. Its equivalent of outlet valve but are actively adjust way which additional energy loss reduction is less than outlet valve.

(7) Adjust the angle of impeller vane
By changing the angle of impeller vane to achieve flow regulation is used for axial flow pump, centrifugal slurry pump is not very good.

(8) Cavitation adjustment
By changing Warman AH slurry pump inlet pressure (water level, inlet valve) may lead to cavitation. It will change the pump characteristic curve, and so the pump flow. It has proved that cavitation adjust if used appropriately, the damage to slurry pump wet parts is not serious; on the other hand, it can automatically adjust the flow and reduce the power consumption.

(9) Increase or decrease the quantity of slurry pumps
By increasing or decrease slurry pumps with supplemented suitable way to achieve the merger regulation of flow rate.

The above nine methods are most common methods of adjusting Warman AH slurry pumps flow. You can choose suitable way according to actual mining conditions.

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