Warman® centrifugal slurry pumps are the world’s most comprehensive range of centrifugal slurry pumps for use in mining, chemical and industrial applications. The horizontal and vertical slurry pumps are designed for ultra heavy duty applications such as mill discharge, process plant and tailings, pipelines as well as specialty applications. The Warman® range also includes axial flow pumps for applications in the salt industry.

The Warman® AH® pump is the world’s standard for the most difficult mill duties. A wide variety of impellers and shaft seals provide a perfect fit for a wide range of applications. The AH® pump provides excellent wear life while maintaining efficiency during the wear cycle providing the best total operating cost. The Warman® AH® pump, together with the Warman® MC series pump, provides a complete selection for most all duties in the mill. From cyclone feed to regrind, flotation and tailings, the Warman® AH® pump is the best choice.

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