A05 also known as High-Chrome 27% or KmTBCr27
Material Type:  Erosion resistant white iron
General Description
Alloy KmTBCr27 is a wear resistant white iron that offers excellent performance under erosive conditions. The alloy can be effectively used in a wide range of slurry types.

The high wear resistance of alloy KmTBCr27 is provided by the presence of hard carbides within its microstructure. Alloy KmTBCr27 is particularly suited to applications where mild corrosion resistance, as well as erosion resistance is required.
Physical properties
Density (kg/m3)                   7500
Hardness (HBW 10/3000)  650
Tensile strength (MPa)         780
Young¡fls modulus (GPa)      220
Elongation at break (%)        0.4
Toughness (J)                        190
Chemical Resistance
Alloy KmTBCr27 is generally not suitable for highly corrosive duties. The alloy can be used in mild corrosive duties, within a pH range of 5 to 12, for silphuric and nitric acids, or sodium hydroxide applications.
Parts Availability
Most wet-end wear parts can be produced in alloy KmTBCr27. The most common parts are as follows: Impellers, Throatbush, Volute liners, Frame plate liner insert, Casings
Application Recommendations
KmTBCr27 can be used for pumping a wide range of mild corrosive slurries. The alloy gives very excellent wear life for a wide variety of particle sizes and hardness. Usually, KmTBCr27 is most cost effective for particles greater than 100um in size.
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