Slurry pump bearing damage problems

Slurry pumps are famous in the world. They have been used in most slurry pumping working conditions to deal with the hardest slurry.

Warman slurry pumps are very tough in all condition, but it may also face the problem with bearings,Short life. Here bellow we will talk why it happened.

Incorrect positioning or placement of packing when assembly the slurry pump.

Shaft bent.
The shaft aleady bent when assembly or after use for a period

Rotating part rubbing on stationary part.

Bearings worn.
The bearings worn cause the warman pump running unstable

Shaft running off-center because of worn bearings or misalignment.

Impeller out of balance, resulting in vibration.

Excessive thrust caused by a mechanical failure inside the pump.

Excessive amount of lubrication in bearing housing causing high temperature.

Lack of lubrication.

Improper installation of bearings.

Dirt getting into bearings.

Rusting of bearings due to water getting into housing.

slurry pump bearing

slurry pump bearing

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