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What is a slurry pump

Before we talke about the slurry pump installation, we should know what is a slurry pump.

A slurry pump is a type of centrifugal pump, lobe pump or peristaltic hose pump in physics principle that increases the pressure of liquid and solid particle mixture (aka slurry), through centrifugal force (a rotating impeller) and converts electrical energy into slurry potential and kinetic energy.

Bellow we will talk about the installation of centrifugal slurry pump installation.

Positive head installation

Slurry pump Positive head installation

In this condition, all shaft seal can be used. so just choose the way suitable your requirement.

Vacuum pump installation( Negative pressure condition)

Vacuum pump installation for slurry pump

For this way, Gland packing can be used, no expeller kind.  And usually, foot valve is used. But when slurry liquids are pumped, the valve may not function well due to the clogging of solids or wear of the valve itself.

The following self-priming methods are recommendable for such slurry liquids.

Self priming tank method

By using self-priming tank, pumping can be started after the suction tank is filled with water by priming and letting air out. Once the suction tank is filled with water, priming is not needed in the subsequent start of the pump.

Jet priming method

Jet priming method

Pumping is started letting out air in the piping by feeding pressurized water. This method s especially effective when high desity slurry liquids are pumped. Also, the pump can be operated automatically by using automatic valves and fitting timer.